The man frozen inside his own flesh

His body is suspended
As the world continues to rotate;
Worse than being idle,
Slowly being delivered to his death.
An echo of a man
With great stories to tell;
The man who lends his hands
To those who are in hell,
Mornings of short self-mourning
From a man in his death bed
But death itself is not alarming
Because of the faith in his heart and his head.
The man who loves to dance
And inspires others life
Faced not fears but a chance to enhance
His relationship with the people in his life.
A very slow game of betrayal
From his dwindling flesh,
An act of deprival
Of your own self
But he mentally prepared himself
And welcomed death like an old friend.
Cherished every moment he dwells,
Tuesdays without despairs.
His body may be in trance
And may need waking
But his influence is still extant
And I’m grateful for reading
A story so powerful and full of devotion
That despite it all he still feels blessed.
He is the man that is frozen
Inside his own flesh.

                                  -Mademoiselle J

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From the Drafts of my Tumblr

"I don’t know why I thought of posting this personal struggle here on tumblr knowing that people don’t really give a fuck about it, well its just that I don’t know what to do… My Mom is crying her heart out on the other room after finding out that my grandfather (her father) passed away and I’m just laying here confused on what I should do. I wanted to comfort her, but I don’t know how… I don’t know what to say.”

I didn’t get to publish this on the same day after realizing that a simple hug without even saying a word would do. It was still heart breaking though…

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David Tennant with his wife


David Tennant without his wife



She’s back!


I’ve been laughing at this for three years

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"The sun’s gonna rise again any time now and I haven’t gone to bed. Life sometimes doesn’t make sense I’m more creative at night and lazy in the morning."
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•Title: Thnks fr th Sins/Mmrs Not Tragedies
•Artist: Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco
•Played: 1235551 times

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All of this

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There is no ‘we’ in ‘food’

but there is an ‘ood’




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Covered with bubble wrap,
I concealed myself.
The world is marked,
Lies filling the shelves,
Pretending to be utopia,
Regret is what I smell.
The truth about dystopia?
I really just can’t tell.
Saw them run around
Gibbering here and there.
Luring people to come abound
Advertising their hidden empty hearse.
Stop them, I did
But a fool I was named.
I know I’m being candid
But my people I just can’t tame.
So I let them decide,
After all it’s their life
And I am left on the bedside
Covering my ears from their far cry.

                                  -Mademoiselle J

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